Priyanka Chopra happy

Priyanka Chopra is happy to have made her way to the top in Bollywood without the help of any godfather and the actress says she is finally at a place where she is being offered challenging roles

The 31-year-old former Miss World, who is doing commercially viable films like “Zanjeer“, “Krrish 3“, “Gunday” and Mary Kom biopic, says she finally understands the industry. “I have never been to any acting school and didn’t have any clue when I joined.

I didn’t have a godfather or boyfriend to guide me. I was 18-year-old and it took me a few year to understand the industry.

“I am very fortunate that in the last few years, I have reached a point where filmmakers can see me playing all kind of role. So, now I want to have a mix bag of all kind of cinema,” Priyanka told. In her two upcoming films – “Krrish 3″ and “Zanjeer“, the focus is more on the male leads but Priyanka decided to take up the projects because she liked the script.

“‘Krrish‘ and ‘Zanjeer’ are both boy films. But I had no apprehension about being a part of these films because I love to watch them. I am very spontaneous and I do films if I like the script. I don’t consider other things.” The “Barfi!” star is the brand ambassador of NDTV’s initiative ‘Our Girls Our Pride’.

Priyanka says her upbringing helped her to understand the campaign in a better way. “The cause of the girl child has been very close to my heart. My mother is a gynaecologist and my father was a doctor. Since my childhood, I have seen my mother with women and children and she has been a huge influence in my life also.

Our sex ratio is 840 girls out of 1000 boys, which is really absurd,” said Priyanka, who is also the Goodwill ambassador at UNICEF. Priyanka, however, wants to keep her movie career and her charity work separate.

Asked whether she would like to take up the cause in her films, the actress said, “No, that would be very unfair. Movies are entertainment and they are fiction. What I do as a person is very different to what I do as an actor. I don’t think it is right to put that kind of pressure on movie business.

Nobody watches such films. Let’s be realistic and not be delusional about it.” Priyanka, who now has a budding international music career, is also looking forward to the release of Disney’s animated film “Planes”. “I am lucky to be a part of Disney and I think it is every girl’s dream to act in a film by them. I am really excited for ‘Planes’. It will release on August 23 in India.”


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